Texas Energy Webquest



It's a relaxing Saturday morning, 9:30 AM. You wake up and go to the computer to check your email. Hm, it won't turn on. Puzzled, you go to the TV. It won't come on either! Now even more confused, you grab your cell phone to call your friend. It's dead, even though you plugged it in last night! The lights won't come on! Your refrigerator won't cool! The heater and air conditioner won't run! The microwave won't work!

What's going on?
The electricity is out. You can't live your normal life without it, but you usually never think about it unless it's not there. Ever wonder where Texas energy comes from or how it's made?

Mostly, Texas uses natural gas and coal, but Texas has more renewable energy potential than any other state. Developing Texas' renewable resources will help the State's economy and our environment, but we can't go all renewable at once.

In this project, you and your group will be engineers that research and recommend new energy resources. Go to the Task page to get started!