Texas Energy Webquest

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You will be divided into your teams. Each of you will be assigned an Engineer Role:

STEP 1: Each engineer will complete the first page of your Resource FACT SHEET. Both pages together is your Energy Resources Packet.

STEP 2: Share with your teammates your resources information so that your Energy Resources Packet is complete.

STEP 3: Each team member needs to study their assigned region of Texas and the available resources of that area and decide which resource, RENEWABLE or NON-RENEWABLE would be best for your region.
Texas Energy Map of Allocations
Click on the link to research your region of Texas.
Resource maps

STEP 4: Create a presentation based on your research for the non-renewable resource or renewable resource and why they would be best for your region. You may use pictures from the Internet in your presentation. You need to create an interesting and thought provoking presentation that will sell your energy choices to the Texas Department of Energy. Evaluation - Make sure you check the rubric to see how you will be graded for this!