Texas Energy Webquest

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Imagine this scenario. The year is 2080 and the world's fossil fuel supply has been nearly exhausted. Most people don't have cars anymore because of high gas prices. Since the cost of heating and cooling homes is so expensive, most people live for long periods of times in extreme temperatures. Many businesses have shut down because of the high cost of transporting goods and electricity. What needs to be done now to prevent this from happening?

You will be assigned one of the following roles within your group. Fill in the Debate Organizer in order to be ready for the classroom debate.

Environmentalists (Alternative Fuels): This group wants to use a 100% renewable energy. They believe in conservation and reducing fossil fuels. They do not worry about the cost of creating technology to harness alternative energy. They are very concerned about the long term future of the Earth and the dangers of using nonrenewable energy.

Industrialists (Fossil Fuels): This group wants to satisfy their stock holders and continue to provide revenue for their company. They cares about their company more now than in the future. They feel that they can control environmental hazards enough that any negative impacts will be minimal. They will never agree to abandoning use of oil, coal, or natural gas.

Nuclear Energy Engineers: This group wants to take advantage of this nonpolluting or clean form of nonrenewable energy. The technology is established and they feel that nuclear power plants are advantageous because they produce a large amount of energy and can be located anywhere. This group is also concerned about the long term future of the Earth but they do not believe nuclear power is dangerous.

Families: These are working people who cares about what effects energy will have on their life, like how much their energy bill will cost them. This group’s main concern is providing for their family now. They feel as if they already pay too much in taxes and do not want to pay more. They have some desire to protect the environment for their children in the future but that is not their main priority.

Government Officials: This group has to compromise many of thier own personal beliefs to please all of the other groups. They want the financial support of the industrialists but they also need votes from families. They need the environmentalists and nuclear engineers to be satisfied with efforts to develop new technology yet they can not raise taxes too high to pay for the technology. They must balance the budget and can not keep increasing spending of technology without raising taxes. Additionally, they know that using all types of energy can help provide enough energy for the growing population, provide many jobs for families, but can have negative effects on the future of the planet.